Gregory Crewdson is an American photographer. He photographs tableaux of American homes and neighborhoods. He is best known for staging cinematic scenes of suburbia to dramatic effect. I like the way the pictures are taken it feels like your looking at a film just the quality of the picture the HD looks great.

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This image is entreating  with the little girl in the middle of the road and the cold smoke down the path.
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This image shows a lot of emotion with the soft snow in the living room and garden and the two pale faced girls, one sitting up and the other laying on her lap lifeless.
On this image its a bit dim and blurry I had to fiddle around with the aperture a lot and also the room was a quite dim which is a big factor. 1/10 F8.0 ISO 3200
This image is a bit better the Buddha in the middle is a lot more clear which i like and the back is a bit dim which adds on a nice effect. 1/10 F8.0 ISO 2500
1/10 F8.0 ISO 2000
1/10 F8.0 ISO 3200
1/10 F8.0 ISO 5000
1/10 F8.0 ISO 10000
1/10 F8.0 ISO 8000
1/10 F8.0 ISO 8000 People in my class thought this image of the butterfly was the best one.
1/10 F8.0 ISO 8000
1/10 F8.0 ISO 8000

In these images I got different objects and put them together to show creativity and confusion, I want to make the audience wonder what is going on and why certain objects are together, for example the postcard in the background and the small Buddha. There are no meanings behind these picture it doesn’t symbols es  anything its all just random.



Cindy Sherman is an American photographer and film director, best known for her conceptual portraits. One of her art works that I admire is untitled with was created in 1980 which is held at the museum of fine arts, Houston. Her methods were using make-up and costume to create images of herself as various societal archetypes.

Lorenzo Vitturi is a photographer and sculptor based in London. In Vitturis process, photography in conceived as a space of transformation to represent the complexities of changing urban environments.


In this picture its old fashioned with a young girl looking dazed and confused. It looks almost like a movie poster.  The picture below looks very different with the colors the one on the left has a purple powder around the eyes with is uneasy to look at. the one on the right has a interesting color contrast with the green hair and dark skin complexion.

lorenzo vitturi


Unit 5 STUDIO PROJECT 3.1 3.3

The setting I had for the studio pictures were shutter speed 1/100, aperture value f8.0. On the first picture the lighting was loop which can bring out the structure of the models cheeks on 30 degrees. On the second picture the lighting was Rembrandt which gives a more darker appearance on the face and lots of shadow. On the forth picture the lighting power was on one and the lamp was also on one. The last couple of pictures of the objects I took, the lamp was called barn and the STOPS were on 1, and the TENTHS were on 0.4 I had to move the lamp around due to the fact the pictures were coming out overall exposed.

3.1. I set a portable black backdrop, and set up and used a tripod which I also set up a portable light on the tripod. I had to tuck away cable so no one would trip over them set up portable equipment in away that didn’t intent with people moving around them. I also used gloves when moving the flaps of the barn doors.

3.3. The equipment I used were tripods, lights, attachments soft box, beauty dish, barn doors oven gloves. the attachment barn helped give the lighting effect that I was looking for for the photos, which shined the light in the middle of the surface.

The lighting used was Butterfly light above the head in front, about 3 1/2 feet away. It exposes his face and lightens his complexion. And gives a shadow under the nose.
The same light is used butterfly, Its dimmer because light is softer we used soft box to diffuse. Even though shes in the same position as john theirs more of a shadow around her cheek bones and jawline.
Also butterfly light, stronger (more intense) shadow is sharper, clearer. The light is harder (reflector was used) hard light.


IMG_0168 (1)
This image is my favorite one I used a attachment called barn doors to lighten the objects in front and darken the rest of the image. I feel the barn doors really did favors for me because I wanted to give the image a cinema feel and I believe I have achieved that. And the rest of the images below I just moved the objects around.

IMG_0166 (1)IMG_0170IMG_0172 (1)

2.1 Health and safety

No food and drink in the studio

The reasoning for this is so that no food or drink will spill onto the equipment and damage or even break the equipment, also if someone spills a drink it could cause a hazard someone could trip and hurt themselves falling onto the equipment. its best to just eat outside of the classroom.   

Keep it clean

Equipment should be put away in their cupboards, no wires laying around on the floor no rubbish should be left around and all the equipment should be turned off.

Electrical Equipment Risks

lamps don’t touch lighting bulbs, even when cold. If handled the finger marks and traces left behind can cause hot spots that will cause a bulb to blow, or even explode.

Level 2 Tim Walker presentation

  • Tim walker is a British fashion photographer he was born 1970, England. He shoots for vogue, love magazines and W.
  • He directed the short film the lost explorer made in 2010, and was the author of a number of books.
  • Tim walker received the ‘Isabella blow Award for fashion creator’ from the British fashion council in 2008 as well as the infinity Award from the international center of photography in 2009. In 2012 Walker received an honorary fellowship from the Royal photographic society. The Victoria and Albert museum and national portrait gallery in London include Walkers photographs in their permanent collections.
  • Walker has a very specific take on fashion photography. His work is theatrical, surrealist I like Tim Walker work because I think its unique and authentic.

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In these few pictures I captured the depth of field, on a manual focus to create the image I wanted. I then started to change the shutter speed to get panning, all these images were in my area I felt like I got good images to represent the area.

I also captured certain sights in the area to draw the audience in more vintage houses, parks. I wanted to represent the area in a good way everything looks clean and tidy it makes you want to visit and take a look for yourself.

1.4 Health and safety on location, be careful were you place your tripod, don;t trip over the tripod, self awareness watch the people around you (don’t bump into anyone when trying to take a picture, bring a case for your camera, don’t leave your belongings unattended.

This image at the train station shows long depth of field I used a higher ISO because it was very dark out it was around 500 1/8 f8.0.
This image is of panning I was able to capture the car with 1/30 shutter speed.
This image is mid-depth of field 1/30 F9.0
Medium depth of field 1/15 f10
medium depth of field 1/15 f10 ISO 100
1/15 f10 ISO 100 the background is blurry.
1/15 F8.0 ISO 100
1/50 F8.0 ISO 100
1/50 F8.0 ISO 100
1/50 F8.0 ISO 100
1/50 F8.0 ISO 100
1/50 F8.0 ISO 100
1/50 F8.0 ISO 100
1/50 F8.0 ISO 100
This was another panning I did which didn’t come out the best but you can see the letters.
1/5 F8.0 ISO 100
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1/5 F8.0 ISO 100